Logistics and Instructions for Attendees

Where to go, when, what you need – for training classes *and* the main talk days.

Dear #ploneconf2016 attendees: thank you for coming, some of you from very far off places! 21 countries all told: from Europe, plus Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Iceland, Japan, Thailand, South Africa, and Mexico, Canada and the U.S.


We hope that this email answers questions you will have as you arrive, attend training classes (truly worth going to), make your way to our various training, keynote, and talk/demo locations, then participate in our three main talk days, and, finally, join us for our sprint days.

The sprints are welcoming, friendly, and respectful of any contributions and feedback you have been wanting to do something about or have been mulling over.

You will find an always-updated version of this message in our web site’s About section.

Code of Conduct

The conference is held on behalf of and by members of the Plone Foundation, and as such is under the auspices of the Plone Code of Conduct.


If you are subjected to or witness a violation of this code, please immediately contact the Code of Conduct response team at [email protected]


In case of life endangering emergency, please call 911 on any telephone.

Contacting the Organizers

The conference organizing team is reachable in many ways:

  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Telephone: +1 (857) 327-5663, or +1 (857) 32 PLONE
  • Twitter: mention or direct message @ploneconf

Individual contacts:

Social Media Sharing

Please consider tweeting / Facebook sharing / etc. your attendance at the conference to let as many others as possible know, and, hopefully, encourage more last minute registrations.

All About the Conference

The locations, things to do, where to eat lunch, visiting Boston, our dinner party, getting around, housing: https://2016.ploneconf.org/about 


We have a lovely Guidebook that you should download onto your mobile phone! guidebook.com/g/ploneconf2016

It includes the conference schedule, speaker information, FAQs, and links to other resources. It will be updated automatically as we provide updates. 

Arriving in Boston

If you’re arriving this Sunday, October 16, we will be hanging out at Durgin Park (details are on the Activities web page at https://2016.ploneconf.org/about/activities) starting at about 6 pm. Look for #ploneconf2016 tweets!

Every evening we’ve selected a location for you to join us for dinner and conversation. You can find them all at https://2016.ploneconf.org/about/activities 

Getting Around Boston

We strongly recommend you use public transportation. Driving and parking will be very difficult.

Please refer to https://2016.ploneconf.org/about/getting-there 

The subway information page at https://2016.ploneconf.org/about/bostons-subways explains how and where to get a subway card. A map of the subway system is at http://www.mbta.com/schedules_and_maps/subway/ 

You may also want to consider using:

Getting to Training Classes on Mon./Tues. (Oct. 17 and 18)

All training information is available at https://2016.ploneconf.org/training/ 

On Monday and Tuesday our training classes will be spread out over several locations. Please check the training schedule for the location of the classes you will be taking! A map of the training locations is available with our recommended transportation modes at https://goo.gl/vEl7nC


Classes will start at 9 am and 2 pm. Please include travel time in your plans, particularly if you need to change locations between the morning and afternoon sessions.

You will not need your conference badges; simply just show up and we’ll welcome you with open (source) arms! There will be conference and other handouts for you at each training location. (You will receive your conference badges at registration beginning Wednesday).

Getting to Registration and Talks on Wed./Thurs./Fri. (Oct. 19, 20, 21)

Please refer to https://2016.ploneconf.org/schedule/talks-schedule for all schedules Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Registration will open at the Microsoft NERD Center, 1 Memorial Drive, on Wednesday at 8 am.

To get there, take the subway to the Kendall/MIT stop on the Red Line and walk to the NERD Center. See https://2016.ploneconf.org/talks/map which shows the location of the Kendall/MIT stop, the NERD Center, the MIT Media Lab, and the routes connecting them.

YOU MUST BRING A GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID WITH YOU! (passport or driver's license.) You will not be allowed into the NERD Center without it! This applies to all days of the conference and sprints.

You will receive your conference badge and a bag of handouts. (T-shirts and other goodies will be ready for pickup after the Wednesday keynote).

Time will be short! Please make your way to the MIT Bartos room for each day’s keynote, which will begin promptly at 9 am. [see the map https://2016.ploneconf.org/talks/map]

There will be coffee at the NERD Center on Wednesday at 8 am while you are waiting in line to register. On Thursday and Friday, coffee will be served at the NERD Center beginning only at 10 am (after the keynote).

NO FOOD OR DRINK IS ALLOWED IN BARTOS THEATER where we are having our keynotes, so plan accordingly.

The registration desk will be open each day, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 8 am - 9 am, at NERD, but if you have received your badge and bag of goodies, you do not need to come back to the registration desk. Proceed directly to the keynotes, which will always be in MIT Bartos 9 am - 10 am. 

Keynotes vs Everything Else (Talks, Demos, etc.)

Keynotes will always be in MIT Bartos 9 am - 10 am.


You will then have 20 minutes to head back to the Microsoft NERD Center.

All other scheduled items will be held in the Microsoft NERD Center (talks, demos, lightning talks, Birds of a Feather sessions, Plone Foundation Annual General Meeting, closing remarks) beginning at 10:20 am.

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