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How to keep customers happy by delivering features fast, and bug fixes almost immediately - without breaking stuff.
Nejc Zupan

Nejc Zupan

Length: Long Talk

Target Level: Expert

Target Audience: Integrator, Developer

NiteoWeb runs several SaaS projects, serving over 5000 customers. They use several techniques, libraries and services that allow them to make several deploys to production every day. That does not mean that they do not test code before shipping it. Rather, they have a workflow that runs a variety of checks and automatic tests and makes it very fast and easy to test new features in staging environments. And even if they do push buggy code to production, they only push it to a fraction of users to minimize impact. The outcomes are great: happy users, since they get features and fixes fast. And maybe even more importantly, happy developers, since the code is actually being used minutes after being merged rather than being stuck in a bureaucratic deployment workflow.

Nejc will describe how this system is set up so you can easily replicate parts or all of it. NiteoWeb relies heavily on SaaS providers such as GitHub, Heroku and Travis, but he will provide alternatives that you can install on your own servers. While he will provide concrete examples and scripts, it’s the principals that matter - and those can be applied to any platform, hosted or in-house.

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