Managing Video and VR Content with Plone

Manabu will introduce two open source Plone add-ons that he and his colleagues have created.
Manabu Terada

Manabu Terada

Length: Short Talk

Target Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: Integrator, Developer

There are lots of difficulties involved in handling video content. Manabu will share his experiences solving these problems while creating two new Plone add-ons:

  • - provides support for embedding video in Plone content.
  • - makes it possible to host video content on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Plone.

He will describe why and how he created these add-ons, what they do, and give us a demo. He will also show some new ways to support a VR (virtual reality) view for image and video content in Plone.


When: From 10/21/16 12:20 PM to 10/21/16 12:40 PM

Location: Adams/Attucks

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