Non-Plone Development with Plone

Being able to develop custom features on top of Plone without knowing Plone internals is critical for Plone's future, and it is now possible.
Eric Bréhault

Eric Bréhault

Length: Short Talk

Target Level: Beginner

Target Audience: Integrator, Designer, User, Developer

This talk will present several examples where complex Plone web sites have been created by non-developers using through the web Plone tools: Rapido, Dexterity, and Diazo. Eric will answer the following questions.

  • Why is Plone a good back end if you are a front end developer?
  • What are the best practices?
  • How do you move from TTW to file-system based coding?
  • How do you manage deployment?
  • How do you integrate your usual front end stack?

When: From 10/19/16 2:00 PM to 10/19/16 2:20 PM

Location: Adams/Attucks

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