A Novel Undo Tool for Plone

A user-facing restoration system built around zc.beforestorage.
Sean Upton

Sean Upton

Length: Short Talk

Target Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: Integrator, User, Developer

Modifications or deletions of content items can have unintended consequences, or be themselves unintended. Ages ago, Plone exposed ZODB's transactional undo facilities to users, but these have proven too fragile for many real-world use cases. This talk presents a new tool integrated into the Plone user interface that allows (usually administrative) users to undo modifications that need to be reverted to previous state.  More than just a "trash bin" for restoring deleted items, this tool provides some degree of simple content rollback for one or more content items, and is built on zc.beforestorage.  Carefully done, a better cherry-pick restoration of your undo-history is both possible and safe.

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