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Show how many different cloud platforms you can deploy a working Plone instance to in 15 minutes.

The Prize

The winner will receive a complimentary PyCharm Professional Edition license (thanks to our sponsor JetBrains).

The Rules

We want to be as fair as possible, so everyone must follow these basic rules.


  • You are not allowed to use your own infrastructure, you must use a cloud provider like Digital Ocean, Linode, Rackspace and so on.


  • You are not allowed to prepare, configure or setup cloud machines you will use before the showdown, this is part of the show.
  • You are allowed to use cloud provider api to do so.
  • You are allowed to use a script [like in a bash script, no Ansible or other service here] to do so, but this script needs to be transparent and must shown to the audience .


By services we mean Docker, rkt, LXD, Ansible, Puppet, Salt, AWS OpsWorks and so on.

  • You are not allowed to use one service [see description above] more than once, meaning if you deploy Docker to Linode, you cant deploy Docker to Digital Ocean, too. Or if you use Ansible to deploy to Rackspace, you can't use Ansible to deploy to Linode.

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