Configuring Plone

Plone has a multitude of configuration options to make it do what you want. This training teaches you how to make the most of them.

Instructor: Fred van Dijk

Length: 1/2 day

Target Level: Beginner

Target Audience: Integrator

  • When: Tuesday, 9:00-1:00 & 2:00-6:00, Landmark Center East 7
  • What you will learn: We will give an overview of the Plone 5 control panel where most of the core settings can be changed, dive into user and group management and workflow, and discuss some lower level settings like caching to optimize your site's performance. But configuration also means making choices on how you organize and structure the (future) content of your site, if and how you delegate editorial work and how this interacts with your setup. Plone shines is its extendability, so if there is time left we will use faceted search and taxonomy add-ons as examples to show you how these can expand your options of structuring and configuring Plone without programming.
  • Prerequisites: Familiarity with content editing in Plone and working with a CMS in general.
  • Things to bring: You can bring a laptop to do some exercises, either in a browser on a provided  Plone instance or on a Plone instance on your laptop (install Plone 5 locally beforehand). But it's ok to just sit and listen as well. 

When: From 10/18/16 6:00 PM to 10/18/16 7:00 PM


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