Hacking Plone 101 - TTW Plone Content Types

Create content types through the web, to store your data in a structured way without programming.

Instructor: Fulvio Casali, Eric Bréhault, Jean Jordaan, Steve McMahon

Length: 1/2 day

Target Level: Beginner

Target Audience: Integrator, Developer

  • When: Monday, 9:00-1:00, District Hall Pod 1 & 2:00-6:00, Landmark Center Central 19
  • What you will learn: How to create a new Dexterity content type from the Plone control panel, using different types of fields and behaviors. You will also create a custom workflow for your content type and export the whole thing, in order to be able to deploy it somewhere else.
  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Things to bring: A laptop.

Note: This is part of a series of four half-day classes that can (but do not have to) be taken together, in any order. In them you will learn to create content types, a theme, layouts for landing pages, and custom application logic - all in the browser!

When: From 10/17/16 9:00 AM to 10/17/16 6:00 PM


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