Javascript Development for Plone

How to develop and test your own patterns and integrate your custom JavaScript applications with Plone.

Instructor: Ramon Navarro Bosch, Nathan Van Gheem

Length: 1 day

Target Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: Developer

  • When: Monday, 9:00-6:00, Zipcar Cafe
  • What will you learn: How to utilize advanced JavaScript technologies including React, Patternslib, NPM and Grunt. We'll cover:
    • Where JavaScript is and where the web is going
    • Using NPM/Grunt
    • How to write your own pattern
    • How to customize a plone pattern
    • How to customize a plone bundle
    • Compiling your bundle
    • Using React with Patternslib
    • How to understand AMD
  • Prerequisites: Knowledge of JavaScript, NPM, and Plone add-on development would be helpful.
  • Things to bring: Laptop with code editor of your choice and with Plone installed as described in Chapter 4, Installing Plone for the Training. It is extremely important that you come to the class with a working Plone installation on your laptop! If you do not you won't be able to keep up with the instruction.

When: From 10/17/16 6:00 PM to 10/17/16 7:00 PM


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