Production OpenStack Plone Deployments

How to automate Plone deployments for OpenStack.

Instructor: Serg Melikyan

Length: 1/2 day

Target Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: Integrator, Developer

  • When: Tuesday, 2:00-6:00, MIT E14-493
  • What you will learn: Do you need to provide your customers scalable multi-node installations of Plone in a minutes? Or do you just need a repeatable production deployment of Plone for yourself or your team? During this class you will learn how to automate scalable multi-node deployments of Plone for OpenStack Cloud and see how easy it is to have this deployment tweaked to your taste. Topics include:
    • Introduction to the Cloud and OpenStack
    • Basics of automation using built-in OpenStack tools
    • How to use Murano to deploy your own Plone instance
    • How to automate scalable multi-node deployments
    • Lifecycle Management & monitoring
    • Extending a cloud-ready Plone deployment for your use-cases
  • Prerequisites: Familiarity with typical Plone deployment requirements. Please read Guide to deploying and installing Plone in production through the “Backing up” chapter if you’re unfamiliar with the typical deployment stack.
  • Things to bring: A laptop.

See the training slides

When: From 10/18/16 1:00 PM to 10/18/16 6:00 PM


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