Productive Python with PyCharm

Learn to use PyCharm, an integrated development environment (IDE) for Python.

Instructor: Paul Everitt

Length: 1/2 day

Target Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: Developer

  • When: Tuesday, 9:00-1:00, MIT E25-401
  • What you will learn: PyCharm is a powerful development environment for Python and web programming, with many tools and features to boost productivity. This tutorial covers a broad selection of these features, in the context of hands-on development. The outline focuses on Python, but includes a treatment of the HTML/JS/CSS features PyCharm inherits from its IntelliJ/WebStorm foundation. We’ll also take a look at how good code practices can help the IDE to assist you with Python coding: writing docstrings, type hints with Python 3.5 latest standards, etc. After this tutorial, attendees should part with a basic understanding of the myriad of PyCharm features: what they are, why they help, how to use them, and how to find more information.
  • Prerequisites: Python programming experience.
  • Things to bring: A laptop with an installation of Python and an installation of the latest PyCharm. A list of required packages will be provide the week before, to help minimize the network impact of PyPI access.

Five PyCharm Professional Edition licenses will be raffled off at the conference!

When: From 10/18/16 9:00 AM to 10/18/16 1:00 PM


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