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Ploneconf Sprint Report Saturday

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Sprints on Saturday at the Plone Conference 2016 in Boston.

  • Updating add-ons for Plone 4.3 and 5., FacultyStaffDirectory, contentrules mailtogroup, collective.cover.
  • Working on nicer listing of add-ons on Plone.
  • Plone 5 toolbar UI improvements, default icons if they are missing, changed manage portlets sidebar with sensible texts, edit all portlets.
  • plone.restapi. Long discussion about the framing, options listed as url, building basic Angular app, tutorial for search explaining how to setup al kinds of stuff.
  • RestrictedPython to Python 3: lot of work
  • Porting away several packages from ZopeTestCase. Looking for new server for Jenkins nodes. Removed lots of old upgrades from plone.appgrade.
  • Release team: working on signing PyPI uploads.
  • Review Plone documentation, looking how to use Sphinx in more sophisticated way, linking to the source if we mention classes or modules.
  • Documentation on Plone support channels is done.
  • Pyramid. Start using cookiecutter instead of pcreate to create a new project. Tutorials. Working on deform, colander, and demoes of that.
  • Rapido in Mosaic tiles.
  • Video and VR, Plone 5 support for, created template for 360 degrees viewer
  • Update Zope dependencies, working at fixing some breakage when using newer versions.
  • Resource handling, working on bug with legacy scripts, discussions.
  • eea.facetednavigation, fix issues during upgrade from version 9 to 10, fixed batching issue, working on final blocker for release.
  • Jasonic api for ZODB, working remotely with Jim.
  •, better visibility for selecting translations, inline svg.
  • Make icons great again with inline svg instead of fonts.
  • bobtemplates.plone theming improvements, separate the theming template from plone_addon, add a fat theme template for TTW, added fat theme buildout template, adding Rapido and other stuff, working on wrapper script.
  • Plone marketing, prepared more news items for, content changes, marketing ideas for headless CMS, Carol will be interviewing some of you.
  • Plone Cleanup, made it so that you can really get Products.CMFPlone without Archetypes, removed zope.formlib from GenericSetup which was the last one that was using it, zope.globalrequest, reviewing work.