Meet our instructors and presenters

Jim Fulton

Jim led Zope development for many years and created many key Zope components, such as the ZODB, the Zope Publisher, and more.

Johanna Lenhard

Johanna is a project manager and junior marketing manager for Interaktiv and a member of the Plone community.

Ken Wasetis

Plone advocate, evangelist, and consultant since pre-1.0 release, presenter at numerous Plone and Open Source conferences since 2003, Ken now works at SapientNitro.

Kevin Brooks

For more than a decade, Kevin has worked to marry design with function through various front end technologies for sites of all sizes.

Lennart Regebro

Lennart has been doing Python so long he has forgotten when it started or how to program in any other languages.

Maik Derstappen

Maik is a software developer & consultant specializing in Plone, Zope, Pyramid and all things Python Web.

Manabu Terada

Manabu is the founder and CEO of CMS communications Inc., a Tokyo-based professional Plone and Python development company.

Phil Lombardi

Phil is currently building the cloud services for’s resilient microservices framework.

Rikupekka Oksanen

Rikupekka has been working with Plone for 12 years: as a designer, web developer, content manager, integrator, tech support, project manager - you name it.

Rob Porter

Rob is a front end developer with a passion for CSS, responsive design and accessibility.

Sean Upton

Sean develops Plone-based collaborative tools for healthcare quality improvement at the University of Utah School of Medicine, and has been involved to one degree or another with Plone and Zope development and communities since 1999.

Timo Stollenwerk

Timo is a Plone core developer and founder of kitconcept GmbH, a Plone solution provider from Bonn, Germany.
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