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Keynote: Plone Futures Eric will talk about the latest Plone developments - like the Rest API and the new approach to tiled layouts - that will make it even easier to support digital experiences.
Tao of CSS Lots of cool things can be done with CSS these days.
Plone Server An experimental new approach to Plone's backend was developed at the Barcelona sprint this summer.
TTW Theming A demo of Plone's through the web theming tool.
TTW Content Types A demo of Plone's through the web content type development tool.
REST API Timo will describe the exciting work done at the Barcelona sprint on plone.restapi.
Reporting Databases What to do when you can't create a typical database report.
Accessibility What accessibility means and why it is vital to your whole process, from design to devops to content creation and curation.
A Pinch of Indirection And don't cut yourself chopping onions - practical tips for using component architectures.
A JavaScript Plone Client Ramon and Eric will give us the scoop on the new Plone Angular app.
TTW Tiled Layouts with Mosaic A demo of Plone's through the web layout tool.
Fixing Plone 5, the Framework A story of early adoption
PyCharm A demo of the PyCharm integrated development environment for Python.
Non-Plone Development with Plone Being able to develop custom features on top of Plone without knowing Plone internals is critical for Plone's future, and it is now possible.
PDB Like a Pro How to become a better programmer through debug-driven development.
TTW Customization with Rapido A demo of Plone's through the web customization tool.
From Zero to Plone: Towards Faster Developer Onboarding The heart of this talk is about making it easier for new developers to get started with Plone.
Plone API Gil will give us an overview of the API and the process used to build it.
Creating Collections A demo of Plone's through the web tool for creating dynamic collections of content.
Getting Things Done with Content Rules A demo of Plone's through the web tool for making things happen based on content actions.
Gold in Rio Plone and the Brazilian Olympics.
The ZODB Jim, the father of Zope, will talk about recent improvements and what lies ahead.
Dogs and Cats Living Together... Mass Hysteria! How designers and developers can get along.
The Future of Plone: Thoughts from a Marketing Perspective Johanna will walk us through some marketing insights and present ideas about how to push Plone brand awareness.
Keynote: The Super Integrator Annette will walk us through the process she uses to go from design comps to finished site in 2 weeks - with everything done through the web.
Faceted Searches with eea.facetednav A step-by-step demo.
Learn How We Deliver. Continuously. How to keep customers happy by delivering features fast, and bug fixes almost immediately - without breaking stuff.
Ethics of Digital Marketing Platforms Ethan will discuss the social, cultural, political, philosophical, and moral implications of these technologies.
Faceted Searches with collective.isotope A step-by-step demo.
Docker and Plone From development to continuous deployment.
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